anderson bruford wakeman howe

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe


Themes 5:58
1(i) Sound
1(ii) Second Attention
1(iii) Soul Warrior
2 Fist Of Fire 3:27
Brother Of Mine 10:18
3(i) The Big Dream
3(ii) Nothing Can Come Between Us
3(iii) Long Lost Brother Of Mine
4 Birthright 6:02
5 The Meeting 4:21
Quartet 9:22
6(i) I Wanna Learn
6(ii) She Gives Me Love
6(iii) Who Was The First
6(iv) I’m Alive
7 Teakbois 7:39
Order Of The Universe 9:02
8(i) Order Theme
8(ii) Rock Gives Courage
8(iii) It’s So Hard To Grow
8(iv) The Universe
9 Let’s Pretend 2:57


Uitgever Aristya Records Inc.
Artiest Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe
Verpakking JewelCase
Releasedatum 1989 USA
EAN 7822185902

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